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About Me


Hi there, I'm Kelly....


Veterinary Nurse, dog enthusiast and photographer.

My journey into photography really took off when I got my first dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Win. I was forever taking photos of him and over time learning how to get 'that' photo.

Over the years, family and friends have been very complimentary towards my photography and so I took the plunge to set up my own photography business. It seemed only right to name it after the dog that started it all. 

As well as a dog photographer I am also a Registered Veterinary Nurse in Lowestoft. I have worked with all manner of different breeds from 80kg Irish Wolfhounds to 2kg Chihuahuas. I'm also aware that not every dog is going to come to their photoshoot confident and happy around new people, and that's absolutely fine! This is why I offer a relaxed approach: we can take the shoot at their pace and still get some lovely photos to take away. 

If not nursing or taking photos of dogs, I'm enjoying spending time with my young family and our two Cavaliers, Arthur & Rupert.

If you want to know more about my furry family you can follow them on Instagram @rupieandpoopie 


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